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You will never be this cool.

This is Flip! He’s only relaxed when he’s sitting on me. The rest of the time he walks around on the floor singing. I think he’s so cute because when I took the cover off his cage this morning he flew right on to my shoulder. I love that my little bird wants to be near me. We’ll have to get him a girlfriend so he’ll stop singing all day!

Aww, what a cutie!  I love boy tiel singing.  Isn’t it nice when they feel safest with you?  (Except when they fly to you and then poop on your face, like Beatrix did to me the other day, lol.)

Reblogging Flip on boyfriends blog because he’s such a cutie he should be on everyone’s blog. ~
(And boyfriend is silly for staying signed in to tumblr on my iPad. I almost accidentally reblogged this here anyway)
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